A rogue-like dungeon crawler

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A game by Fredrik - 2019 | Music by Kevin Mcleod - incompetech.com



This page is dedicated to tell the story of the game and other bits of it

Moor is not a story driven game, and it doesn't affect the gameplay. However Adding some story and lore to the game and the world it's set in, is fun.

This game turned out to be more than just a dungeon crawler, and I wanted to fill it with something more.

There is a prologue at the start of the game, which tells abit about the world and the mountain of Moor. It starts with telling about a war between the gods of light, and the gods of dark.

Neither of the sides are representing good nor evil, but both are needed for a perfect balance in the world. However, both the light and the dark want to conquer the world and rule it under their beliefs.

Pretty generic adventure storytelling, really.

As conflict rises between the gods, various groups and races chose their side, with most of the human race chosing the gods of light.

As the war goes on, the dark seems to gain the upper hand. In a last attempt to win, the gods of light combine all their powers, thus forging a great sword, in which they use to open a passage between our world, and another, later named 'The underworld', in tales. The gods of light banishes the gods of dark and everyone that follows them into this other world, then forges a massive mountain on top of it to seal it off from our world.

This weakens the gods of light, and they decide to  retaliate for good.

The gods give a King by the name of Harold, a great duty; to guard the mountain, and make sure that the gateway to The underworld is never opened.

These are the last words from the gods of light, before they disappear forever.

The state of the worlds as of now, is that there is no gods in our world. Only the beliefs in the gods of light. But there's still gods excisting in another world, slowly growing in power, built on anger and the lust for revenge.

After some time, construction of a great kingdom begin, and a massive castle is build inside the grand caves in the mountain.

The massive mountain, forged by gods, turns out to be rich with minerals and materials, which leads to great wealth for the kingdom.

King harold rules over the Kingdom of Moor until the end of his days.

As time goes by and new kings rule under the mountain, the story of the great war and the mountain of Moor slowly fades into fairy tales, and the beliefs in the gods of light fades.

The recent king - Johann, a curous boy, crowned at a very young age, which grew up with the fairy tales of Moor, orders an expedition to delve deeper into the depths under the mountain. Deeper than anyone has ever gone before, in hopes of finding the gateway and seeing this other world with his own eyes. This turns out to be a long lasting expedition, taking years. And as a grown man, he manages to find it.

As they open the gateway. A dense black fog pours out. Some kind of disease, described as dark magic start to spread into the castle. People is dying everywhere. And the dead are rising. As king Johann realises he's made a terrible mistake, he orders to seal off the entire kingdom. All doors and entrances to the kingdom were blocked off. And bridges are blown to pieces.  The sick people are quarantined in the throne room, and to keep the disease from spreading any further, the throne room is locked. The kingdom has been sealed off from the outside world, and staid that way for a very long time.

Years pass. And as with the story of the war and the gods, the terrible fate of Moor slowly turns into fairy tales as well. Many generations later, a distant king, assembles a small group of explorers; A knight by the name Magnus, his wife Hilda, and a couple of soldiers, to lead a secret quest to seek the long forgotten kingdom, in hopes of salvaging it's great wealth. Not only does Magnus and his company manage to find the kingdom, but they manage to find the castle itself. As they break open the main gate to the castle, they manage to spread the disease, which has been sitting the castle for ages, even further into the kingdom; the city, and the tombs. But they did not manage to open the throne room - The last sealed door which keeps the true dark powers of the gods of dark to spread into the entire mountain, and perhaps even to the outside worlds.

As months pass the group seems to have gone missing. The king decides to assemble another group of explorers, to lead the same quest, as well as finding the previous group.

And this is where the game starts...

As you delve into the kingdom you will learn more about it, and what really happend there.

Game progress

The main entrance to the kingdom is sealed off and no one has ever managed to find another entrance, until the first group of explorers managed to find one. The second group of explorers (which you are a part of) also manages to find another entrance, far up in the mountain. Almost at it's peak.

In The kingdom of Moor the believed that if you were buried further up in the mountain, you would stand closer to the gods of light in the after life. All the kings and their royal families were burried as high up as possible.

The first area in the game is set in a large tomb'ish area high up in the mountain. This area leads further down into the actual kindom.

The royal family would live in the massive castle, and the rest of the people would live in a city built within the mountain walls. The second area in the game takes place in parts of this city, and consists mostly of hallways and halls. But also various homes and houses where they would live.

The third are takes place in the actual castle. And instead of going further down into the mountain, the third area goes upwards, further up into the castle. Ending in the king's tower.

These are the areas currently created in the game. Further planned areas will be the dungeons beneath the castle. Followed by a lava area with a temple'ish style. And then at the end, the gateway and The underworld :)

(there might be more areas inbetween the third area, and the last one)