A rogue-like dungeon crawler

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A game by Fredrik - 2019 | Music by Kevin Mcleod - incompetech.com



[28. May 2019]

Moor is not published yet, but the Steam store page is now public!


[21. march 2019]

The third demo has been updated to 3.1. With this small update comes:

- Death works. I forgot to turn off the cheat in which you cannot die in the previous demo. There's also a death screen compared to the second demo,
  were the game would just close.

- Enemies will now spawn in the third area in the game.

- Shaders in the game should now work, as the download has been changed to a ZIP containing necessary files, compared to the previous .exe file only.

  I think this requires you to have DirectX on your PC for it to work.

- Added three new enemies which appears in the second and the third area.

[13. march 2019]

A new forum tread with lots of new screenshots as well as a new 3rd demo has been released. The new demo was somewhat "rushed" as I was in a state where I had to just add more and more before actually sharing a demo. So I said fuck it and just released it. This is what it looks like as of now, and I'm really proud of what I've managed to make as a game! even though it's filled with bugs. I'm hoping for lots of feedback :)

In the 3rd demo you can play down to the end of the third area in the game. The demo ends in a floor called "The king's tower" in which you are supposed to solve a puzzle in order to get the key to the castle's throne room, where the third bossbattle will take place.

[10. july 2017]

The developement of Moor is going somewhat slow, which is expected in a one-man's project. In the past time I've been working on the next area you get to after defeating the first bossfight and it's shaping up great. I've also replaced the long hallway in the very start of the dungeon with a tutorial level. The tutorial level show you how to jump, interact with stuff, sneak, fight and pick up items. The tutorial will have to be tested with feedback.

I've also done some other minor things like recreated the area outside to look much better as well as created a new hq skybox.

A bloom shader has halso been added into the game which is mainly used to add intensity to light around the world. With this blur shader I had some problems with it scaling correctly with the rest of the game, both in window and fullscreen mode, but I should be fixed now! There will also probably be a option in the settings menu to turn the shader off. The shader might also be used to fade the scene into white when dying.

I've also been thinking about a crafting system / combining system, where you could combine two small health potions to get one big, or combine bread, cheese and steak to create a sandwich, mainly to merge several items into one to save inventory space. With this there could also be possible to combine other items and let the player experiment with various combinations, perpaps two types of potions could create poison which you could throw at enemies (?) who knows.

(Images can be found in the gallery section)

[22. april 2017]

I've been thinking that perhaps I should update the news page here abit more frequently. It's also worth mention that updates written here are not added and updated into the current demo, but will rather be available in the next demo (v3).

I'd just like to inform that player combat VS enemies has changed abit. If enemies attack you while you are blocking with a shield they'll now get stunned. When enemies get hurt their sprite flash red to indicate so, so when enemies get stunned their sprite flash gray as well as give them a small knockback. The range of enemie attacks has also increased in that way that they don't have to get all the way up into your face to attack you, but will stand abit further back. Enemies with longer weapons such as maces, hammers and swords wont have to get as close up to you as enemies will smaller weapons. This also fixed a bug I've seen for a while that if enemies get close up to you and then get knockback, they might get pushed into the mask of the player, thus making the player stuck in the enemie. This bug might still appear though. To prevent this further the height of each enemie has been tweaked so it's easier to jump onto the head of a enemie and run to safety if you're stuck in a corner.

Not all enemies will be affected by stunning. The demon knight in the first boss battle will not be affected by stun as he's big and strong. I've also been thinking about added stun values for each shield, so a smaller shield will just stun a enemie abit, or perhaps not at all if the enemie use a bit weapon (perhaps if a enemie with a big weapon hit you while holding a small shield, you get stunned (?)). And a larger shield will block and stun enemies with bigger weapons, and stun enemies with smaller weapons for a longer period of time.


The attack speed of each enemie has also been reduced abit as they seemed to attack abit fast. I'm also planning to slightly reduce the health for each enemie as well as their attack damage. But not that much! I still want the game to be quite challenging :)


All items in the game now has a cleaner item description, and some of then even have new names. Like the Steel sword is now called "Steel knight sword", and the Jeweled sword is now called "Jeweled straight sword".


Attack animation has been tweaked so when the item swings it'll move outside the view > then loop back to the start of the animation. Before this the item would swing and stop at the bottom of the screen, and it looked weird.


I'm also planning to clean up the codes for the attack animation to be able to add various animation. With this I can add stab weapons like spears as well as add a charge stab attack for various weapons if it's held with two hands (not holding a secondary item).


Most of the rooms used for generation in the first level has had some fixing. Some of the textures has been improved, and most of the rooms now also has various double-doors around the dungeon (they're static and cannot be interected with). Doors with interaction might be added at some point though.The tunnel you have to climb down in order to get to the first boss room has been changed alot! It looks alot better now and it's easier to se that you're actually supposed to clib down and not just jump to your death :)

[19. april 2017]

Minor updates / news (not avable in the demo).

Been updating the game abit after the second demo got published. New bugs has been found and some of the has been fixed.

One major issue with the collision in the game has not been fixed yet, but I've found a fix for it, but the "fix" creates a even greater problem...

As for now it's very easy to get "stuck" in walls rather than "slide" when you collide with something. I've found a fix for this, but this creates a problem where if the player is going into a corner where the player mask is colliding with two different collision masks of various heights, the player gets stuck and cannot move. I've yet to find a fix for this, and for now the new problem which gets created by fixing the old problem is more game breaking than the old one, so I'll have to stick with the old problem for now.

Some Rooms has been updated, like the entire area for the first boss fight looks alot better now! (check Gallery for images).

The primary and secondary quickslot, as well as all the armor and ring slots does now display item description just as the normal inventory slots. I'm also planning to duplicate the primary and secondary slot into the inventory for a easier quick switch.

There has also been some minor texture upgrades, like some of the doors has been reworked as well as the vines hanging from cellings.

As for now I'm fully into creating the next level of the game, and consider the first tomb dungeon somewhat completed! A new dungeon generation system which was created right before the second demo (and now fixed some bugs after the demo) allows for new types of room in the dungeon. As for now rooms generated in the dungeon has to always have four doors / openings (one centered on each wall), but this is not necessary anymore and allows for generated rooms to simply be something like a straight hallway, or even dead ends. Due to this the tomb dungeon which I consider mostly done get additional updates! There might also be more updates to such as enemies and items, which also is related to the tomb dungeon, so the area is "done".

[18. february 2017]

Second public demo avable!

Read all about it and download the demo (installer exe) from the Game Maker forum page:



Recent updates (head over to the gallery for screenshots).

There has been alot of up's and down's with Moor lately as the project wasn't carefully planned from the start but rather made on the go, sort of.

I've been working alot with the next area of the dungeon as each area will have it's own style and way of generating the level, with a bossfight at the end where you'll hopefully manage to get to the next area. All images you'll find so far from Moor is only from the first area, which is supposed to an old abandoned dungeon within the mountain of Moor. You'll have to go through three floors before you'll get to a special area which will take you to the first boss fight. I've been working on various ideas for the second area, but I've never been satisfied, but now I have. I'll post something of this area soon.

But what I've really been using alot of time on is improvment, debugging and tweaking. The HUD looks alot better now, and by holding your cursor over a item in a slot you'll be able to read a description of the item.There's also been alot of improvment to item looks and icons. I've also added lots of armor types and various rings for player buffs. I've also added a stamina system in the game, where you'll be drained for stamina while you attack and block attacks with your shield. Heavier weapons and weaker shields will drain more stamina. The stamina system turned out to be important for the combat as you could just attack and repeat forever on enemies without them being able to attack you unless there were lots of them at the same time. You could also block attack forever if you'd like, and various shield types had no difference except addon to the armor buff, but now with the stamina system you'll actaually need a better shield and you'll have to use each attack carefully as you might be stuck in a corner really tired with no stamina.

I've also had alot of focus on adding lots of new rooms to the level generation as it is really important with variation in the levels.

I can also mention that I'm planning to change how magic scepters work, as you'd usually just find a scepter, let's say "Scepter of flames" which will cast fire and drain -5 / 50 (50 = default max magic) each cast. But now I'm going to change it so you either have sceptes, staves or wands, and that all these items can cast any type of spell, and that you'll have to replace your shield with a spell scroll. each scepter / stave / wand will either increase or decrease damage, cast speed and more. With this I can also mention that I'm planning ot add more quick slots, as for now you only have two. One for your primary item and one for your secondary. I was thinking perhaps there should be two or three of each slot types so you could easy switch between, let's say a sword and a potion if you're in a hurry. The same goes for a spell scroll and a shield etc. I was thinking perhaps three primary slots and one secondary slot, but now I'm thinking maybe four primary slots and two secondary slots. There's not much need for more secondary slots as you'd most likely be switching between scrolls and shields, but with the primary it might be nice to have a standard weapon, a secondary weapon, a scepter and a healing item, or whatever you'd like really.

I'll also mention thata save system has been added to the game. It saves the player's stats, inventory slots and options settings. It's creates a few .ini files which are stored in the appdata.

What I'm going to work with in the near future.

(mentioned some of it above).

- More quick slots for quicker switches.

- I'm thinking about a minimap (maybe) would much rather like other alternatives.

- A key for the door leading to the next floor, so the main goal of each floor wont just be to find the door.

- Some vendors here and there OR one vendor after each boss fight (teleport going back to the surface every 5th floor will be removed).

- Bottle of water - will regain full stamina.

- Add various magic wands (the scepters will likely be removed form item drop list).

- Various spell scrolls (secondary item).

- More areas after bosses.

- Enemies for the second area after the first boss.

(might add more to this list).

[29. august 2016]

Minor tweaks and other stuff.

In the recent time I've put alot of time into planning, improving and tweaking the game, it's not perfect, but it's better.

First of all: you can check out a few images in the gallery section showing off some stuff.

In the recent time I've been working on improving the level generation and enemie AI and system, They're not that different really, but the codes are alot more structured now and opens room for more features and improvments, like; some enemies will now flee form battle if their health is low. The maggot enemie has also changed alot, it doesn't spit at you anymore, in fact it doesn't even damage you at all, but it's collision mask has been removed so you can walk over it and the only purpose of it is slowing you down as you walk over it, and with that you'll also find a bunch of maggots together and not just one by one.

The HUD / UI has also been changed. The quicklots for the primary and secondary slot has been changed to a different style, similar to the item display in Dark Souls where you have a small cylinder shaped wood piece beneath the item. Alots in your inventory will now also become bigger / move abit towards the screen when you hover your mouse over it.

The HUD appearing while talking to NPC's has also changed. The black boxes sliding into the screen as you talk to a NPC has been changed to a gradient fill style looking alot better in my opinion. Dialogue will also end by itself when you're finished talking now, as before you had to walk away from the NPC for the dialogue box to go away. The NPC's dialogue will also change when you get back to the surface compared to when you start the game, like the one guard by the fireplace will ask you why you're coming back up to the surface without the Wizard (did I forget to mention you're supposed to find a Wizard? :] ) and stuff like that.

Item information in the inventory has also been improved. Instead of having "item name" and then below "dmg:x spd:x" you now have "item name" and below there "damage:x" and below there again "attack speed:" but it depends on the item really, if you're hovering your mouse over a health potion it'll only show the name and then below "health: +25HP" etc.

The options menu has also been improved, the style is still the same, ugly and awful, but atleast it works. It's alot more structured now featuring video settings, audio settings and game settings, where game settings is the one featuring most new settings like showing blood: on/off, language (currently only english and norwegian).

I've still yet to create the store where you can sell and buy stuff as I've been using alot of time planning to do it as well as possible, but it's getting there. I just find it really difficult to actually create something before I find a good idea on how to implement it.

I'd like to mention that I've also been using some time to update information on the gamepedia page, but that also turns out to be alot of work so I'll mainly focus on the game.

[22. july 2016]

Public demo.

A public demo has been published on the Game Maker forums, and if you'd like to check it out and perhaps give some feedback, check out:


Or direct download link:  https://www.dropbox.com/s/s8ka1k01uwxkxb5/Moor_studioversion.exe?dl=0

From now on most of the news coming here will probably be related to updates for this demo :)

[27. june 2016]
Upcoming demo.

I'm planning to release a demo soon with the intentions of getting feedback, which I'll be using for a upcoming demo on Steam.

The demo will be avable here, on the Steam Greenlight page, and on the yoyogames forum site.

The demo will let you crawl all the way from the surface and down to the first boss.

[6. april 2016]
Soon ready for Steam!
I've been working alot towards the Steam release and I gotta say, it's gonne be soon. At the moment I'm just improving stuff, adding more props to the dungeon and such.

[13. march 2016]
Fluid inventory- and level generation system.

Been working really hard the past weeks to get a good and fluid working inventory- and level generation system, with as little bugs as possible.

The biggest parts of the game as I were aware of, which I knew would take some time was the inventory and the level generation, other from that I've made the game so it's easy for me to just add items, enemies and bosses without any hard work or time (except drawing the sprites).

I'm currently just creating more and more assets to add to the level generation to make it be as random as possible, and it's looking great.

What's coming up in the near future:

-Adding more items and weapons.

-Adding more shields and armor types.

-Adding even more enemies and different bosses.

-Creating more puzzle levels.

-Adding food (will regenerate health).

-Adding more various types of potions (currenly a few in game, like health potion, which gives health instantly).

-As you progress down, the style of the dungeon floors will change, so going to add lots of different styles as you get further down.

Got any ideas? Really interested in ideas for bosses and interesting elements for puzzle levels!

[Looking at lots of inspiration at pinterest.com]

[12. february 2016]


The Steam community have showed their interest, and Valve has given Moor green light. The game will be avable on Steam at some point. What a great motivation!

[8. february 2016]
I've made a Twitter account for Moor! I've never used Twitter really but I thought it could be handy.

[7. february 2016]

Created a webpage for Moor!

I really think this was needed. It's much easier to post news here rather than creating announcement on the Greenlight page. I will most likely post all kind of news and updates I feel like posting here, and bigger announcement both here and on Greenlight.