A rogue-like dungeon crawler

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A game by Fredrik Hoel - 2018 | Music by Kevin Mcleod - incompetech.com



Just teasing a upcoming level.

Main room in the new tutorial area.

Parts of the new skybox as well as the new moon.

The two images above show the fireplace outside with and without the new bloom shader.

A crack in the cave wall will rays if light shining into the cave has been added to remove the feeling of being in a black void rather than being in a cave.

The textures for the walls inside the massive cave has been recreated and looks alot better now!

The first boss room has been upgraded with vines, as well as walls instead of the pillars found in the room earlier.

The first room as you enter the fourth floor! The room is now decorated with bookshelfs, banners, candles and vines.

One of the rooms that has been improved. It used to be some kind of sewer'ish / drain room, but has been changed to a tomb area with alot more detail to it.

Some of the rooms have been improved. The entire climbing area in the church has been recreated and the upper floor in the church has been overhauled.

A little climbing level between the first and second area of the dungeon.

When you finish the first area of the dungeon you'll find this room, and what's down there?

All kinds of doorways throughout the dungen can now be blocked by planks which you can break down with whatever item you're holding. I might add so the planks (and also barrels and crates) have "health" so if you use smaller items like a stone, stick, bone or skull etc. you'd have to hit several times.

Alot of the recent time has been going towards planning and how I wanna make this game, as that's the most important part, combined with feed back ofc. But I've also been tweaking the game alot togheter with adding more variety to certain elements of the game, like seen below, jars will spawn with a random look and I can pretty much add as many types of jars I'd like. The same goes for the crates and the barrels. There's alot of things just spawning randomally around the dungeon, as mentioned, jars, crates, barrels, grass, cave cones, loot, enemies and so on and I really enjoy just adding more variety to these elements and will continue to do so.

I've also added these "cave cone" things hanging from the celling randomally around the levels. It was originally planned that when you got to the tenth floor the style of the dungeon would change entirely, and I've tried various styles like sewers and mineshafts w/ lava areas, but I just don't like it, so I've decided to not have them in the game, even tho they're still avable atm. I'm rather planning to have the style change little by little, like having these cones appearing more often as you get further down togheter with something similar coming up from the floor and perhaps walls becoming more covered by cave walls, until the level changes to more of a cave style, I think.. for now atleast, unless someone have an amazing idea.

There's also been some improvements to the details, candles around the dungeons are not 3d models and not just flat images.

The same goes for the yellow candlesticks handing around, they're now models.

I've added a few more rooms to the level generation, like the one featured below showin a tomb chamber. You cannot interact with the grave atm but as soon as I've added bombs you'll probably be able to open it. Can also mention that one of the previous rooms (still in the current demo on the forum as I write this) that featured some paintings and a piano has been removed and replaced with a better room which also has stairs and not just a ladder.

The models for the different crates and barrels has been improved.

The HUD / UI has also been improved, both the quickslots and the inventory. Can also mention that the option menu has been improved as well, it's now more structured and features not only video settings but also audio and general game settings.

Testing some spike traps on enemies, and on myself..

Adding aditional decoration to various rooms!

An entire chest for only one flask of magic...

Breaking some barrels for the sake of loot!

The Entrance hall for the dungoen. Perhaps it'll be different rooms each play?

A preview of how the inventory system will look like.