A rogue-like dungeon crawler

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A game by Fredrik Hoel - 2018 | Music by Kevin Mcleod - incompetech.com  

Moor is a 3D pixel-styled rogule-lite dungeon crawler with randomly generating levels!
Enter and delve into the mountain of Moor and discover a long forgotten kingdom. Fight monsters, gather loot and treasures, solve puzzles and defeat bosses.

Download and try an alpha version of Moor:

Moor - Demo 3 forum tread w/ download:

Moor is a game currently during development and has been so for a while now! Most of the features needed for Moor to function properly is already done, and the project is moving fast towards a release!

Moor is a game project being developed in Game Maker Studio 1.4. It's been in development since 2015 as a hobby project. Most of 2015 and 2016 was used to make the engine, and it's just as of now it's actually starting to look like a proper game.