A rogue-like dungeon crawler

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A game by Fredrik - 2019 | Music by Kevin Mcleod - incompetech.com  

Moor is a 3D pixel-styled rogule-lite dungeon crawler with randomly generating levels!
Enter and delve into the mountain of Moor and discover a long forgotten kingdom. Fight monsters, gather loot and treasures, solve puzzles and defeat bosses.

Moor is not published yet, but the Steam store page is now public!

Download and try an alpha version of Moor:

Moor - Demo 3 forum tread w/ download:

Moor is a game currently during development and has been so for a while now! Most of the features needed for Moor to function properly is already done, and the project is moving fast towards a release!

Moor is a game project being developed in Game Maker Studio 1.4. It's been in development since 2015 as a hobby project. Most of 2015 and 2016 was used to make the engine, and it's just as of now it's actually starting to look like a proper game.