A rogue-like dungeon crawler

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A dungeon crawler adventure game


Adding some story or lore into Moor is really important to me. I've always had a story in mind for Moor while creating the game, and it's shaping up abit more as the development continues.

There will not be alot of story during gameplay, but rather a story around the mountain of Moor and why everything is as it is.

There are two stories in Moor. There's a prologue, and a story you discover as you delve.

The prologue is not finished, but is supposed to go something like this ;

"Before our time there was nothing but void. Suddenly a spark appeared and a flame was created, thus creating both light and dark. With flames came life; the gods. Gods representing both good and evil. As evil wanted to cause harm they were banished into the dark abyss, as far away from the light as possible. The evil was unseen for a long time, almost forgotten, but suddely they were back. As they had climbed back up from the abyss a war was started. Powerful forces had been created on both sides, but the 'good' won and cast the evil back into the abyss. By seing what could be forged in the darkness, it was sealed off with a crust of molten rock, layers of stones and then; water. Never to be seen again"